December 1, 2010

Most guys are stoics, don't smile much, are mysterious, and aren't even very nice to women most of the time — but they get the girls. So, I don't understand why women say they want a guy who makes them laugh. I make women laugh; that's one thing I can do. So, I'm either making them laugh the wrong way or women don't really want a guy who makes them laugh. Or, maybe I'm entertaining but not showing enough of a serious side. I'll keep working on it.

Thank you.




November 9, 2010


Hi Everybody,


It is true or not but I think its so much true, yeah I’m talking about fate. In this world, there are a lot of people living as like his choice .As we are human being so our think divided into many types. Someone like want to be a Doctor, someone wan to be a engineer, someone want to be a teacher, someone want to be a pilot etc cause there expectation depend on their mind but one of think that, what is my real and specific destination I don’t know yet? I think It just...

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